Posted by: Hacienda1nsb | June 3, 2011

History makes New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach holds the distinction of being the second oldest city in North America, though some historians believe it to be older than St. Augustine.

As early as 2,000 B.C., Timucuan Native Americans inhabited the area of New Smyrna Beach. Their civilization thrived on the East Coast of Florida until being destroyed by war and disease brought by European settlers.The Timucuan population almost vanished by the time Dr. Andrew Turnbull, a Scottish physician and entrepreneur, settled New Smyrna in 1767, naming the area in honor of his wife, whose birthplace was Smyrna, Asia Minor (what is now Izmir, Turkey).







Dr. Andrew Turnbull (1768)                              Ruins of Andrew Turnbull’s mansion

New Smyrna, the largest British colonization attempt in the New World, was nearly three times larger than the first settlement at Jamestown in 1607. Dr. Turnbull obtained a land grant from the British Crown, brought with him 1,500 European immigrants and declared New Smyrna as Britain’s 14th Crown Colony.

New Smyrna Beach offers visitors many historical legends and artifacts as witness to its rich history. In fact, more than 30 historical sites continue to intrigue visitors. Among the remaining sites: Sugar Mill ruins, found in both New Smyrna Beach and nearby Port Orange,

The Old Fort and surrounding Old Fort Park,

and the Eldora House in The Canaveral National Seashore.

Visitors can learn more by visiting the city’s Historical Museum

and the Black Heritage Museum.


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