Posted by: Hacienda1nsb | June 3, 2011


Boating is the local pastime in New Smyrna Beach and for good reason: From secluded estuaries to the vast Atlantic Ocean, boating adventures of all types await in New Smyrna Beach. Boating also gives guests an added dimension to fishing, birding or simply sunning. And it’s the best way to see dolphin and manatee up close.

Exploring our waterways couldn’t be easier. All types of watercraft are ready for rent at local marinas or you can bring your own boat, kayak or canoe.

Every summer, one of the highlights on my trip to New Smyrna Beach is renting a pontoon boat with my extended family and spending the day at Disappearing Island. In my experience the boats are well maintained and reasonably priced. Disappearing Island is in the river across from the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. We usually spend about 4 hours on the island. The children have a blast catching hermit crabs, small fish, and other sea life. Many times we have the island almost to ourselves. The water is crystal clear for swimming. We then load up everyone and travel up river to one of the local restaurants . We always see dolphins and when we are lucky a few manatees. It is a very relaxing day!!

And when the evening comes, the island has disappeared but the Lighthouse is still there.


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