About New Smyrna Beach

The beach is probably the most visited part no matter where you go. There are places you can go camping, hiking, and more….but the most common place to go is likely the beach.

New Smyrna Beach is not a lonely beach but it is not the kind of beach with thousands of people with umbrellas and volleyball games everywhere. Since I like a little time to myself and have some privacy with my family, I go to New Smyrna Beach. Any other beaches seems there is literally no privacy.

New Smyrna is located right below Daytona, one of Florida’s best known beaches. It is above Orlando, another well-known Florida town. Orlando is about one hour south of New Smyrna. The town offers an abundance of recreational activities, including golf, surfing, and fishing. New Smyrna Beach also boasts an interesting colonial history, a lively arts community, and great antiques shops.

New Smyrna is about thirteen miles of beautiful beach. It is small enough to go through the entire city in one day. You can not get lost! In the city of New Smyrna there are all kinds of great little privately owned shops to see. They sell any kind of beach equipment or apparel you can think of. The clothing stores are all up scale and specialty. You have a lot of surf shops also, There you can get all kinds of equipment and surfing clothing, too.

Surfing and fishing are big outdoor activities in New Smyrna. You can also Jet ski, para sail, surf sail, or any other water activity you can imagine. There are places you can rent equipment if you do not have your own. Or you can rent to just try an activity. Of course there are also places to buy any materials needed for what you want to do on the water.

Your Next-door Neighbors are more than 400 artists, including photographer Jack Mitchell; orthodontists, dentists, and doctors; professionals who commute to work in Orlando; along with NASA engineers and project managers.

There are hotels to stay at, as well as condominiums to rent. There are places right on the beach. There is also an inlet on the other side of the land where you can stay. There is a private nature preserve, and the intra coastal.

New Smyrna Beach is fun for the whole family. There is a public park smack dab in the middle of the beach area. There you have a women and mens rest room and locker areas.

You also can find a playground for the smaller children. They have a restaurant there also. They also have little stands all up and down the beach selling all kinds of edible goods. There is also the great little pubs with patio areas right on the beach.

You can bring your car right on part of the beach. You can also bring a cooler and pretty much anything you like onto the beach. It is great to sit and relax with a good book and the ocean just lapping up on the shore right at your feet. It is a very low key relaxing area. South of 27th Avenue is another area of the beach where cars are not allowed, if you prefer that.

New Smyrna is close to all the other major areas of Florida, like the Space Coast and Orlando. There are different things going on warm little village all year round. They are very well known for their art festivals. Lots of great restaurants and shops. Great boating. How can you ask for more!


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